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We Are The Insurance Intermediaries Insurer

Trading in France since 1930, our mission is not to change what we do – but to continue to do what we do so well while always being innovative in the coverage we provide. We have become a point of reference for Insurance Intermediaries who appreciate our excellent coverage and reasonable pricing. They benefit greatly from our consultative approach to educating our clients, risk management and claims management.

1930 -1948 : the beginning.

CGPA was formed in 1930 in France. A company created by Insurance Intermediaries – born out of their need to protect their businesses. It is the first time that an Insurer focused solely on providing Professional Indemnity to protect Insurance Intermediaries. Our stated objective was to protect our policyholders’ interests.

1978 – 1998 : becoming the leader.

Over the years, CGPA has become the recognised leader in its field of expertise – professional indemnity. It continues to thrive while launching new development and client training programmes to reflect its position as a “thought leader”. Risk management and claim prevention become core pillars of our company.

2005 - 2012 : European evolution and the birth of CGPA Europe.

The rules governing Insurance Mediation in Europe were continuing to change – particularly with the formation and adoption of the Insurance Mediation Directive. EU-driven regulatory common practice was being demanded of Insurance Intermediaries. CGPA decided to accompany this trend by developing the first Europe-wide Insurer to offer Professional Indemnity to Insurance Intermediaries. CGPA Europe is created in 2012 – based in Luxembourg and a wholly owned subsidiary of CGPA Group. Its primary initial focus was to develop business in both the Irish and Italian markets – which it has done to date with great success. Tailor-made products are developed for each territory where CGPA Europe opens for business. Further expansion into other European countries is now underway.

2015 : partnership.

CGPA Europe begins partnering exclusively with Manchester Underwriting Management in the UK to deliver their Professional Indemnity product in the UK and London Markets.

1948 -1978 : the growth years.

Becoming more well-known. More and more Insurance Intermediaries joining their peers as clients of ours. The Insurance Market in France is in an expansion phase – reflecting the European economic boom. By expanding, CGPA was able to restructure and strengthen leading to significant growth of its balance sheet and asset base.

1998 - 2005 : consultancy.

CGPA anticipated the continued evolution of the European Insurance Market and the increasing roles that regulators were beginning to play. It always kept fully abreast of developments and led initiatives in coverage changes to always deliver the correct advice and training to its policyholders – to keep them fully compliant and secure.

2013 : financial rating.

CGPA Group is recognised for its financial strength with the award by Standard & Poors of a Financial Rating of A- (Stable). CGPA Europe has the same financial rating.

2016 : product wins BIBA accreditation.

BIBA announces that the new PI insurance facility, insured by CGPA Europe and underwritten and managed by Manchester Underwriting Management Limited in association with MGB Insurance Brokers Limited, has been accredited to provide cover to its members.

Our Model – The Four Pillars

Our model - the four pillars
Financial stability, independence, training and prevention and specialisation – our model is based on these four pillars. Each pillar generates a significant benefit for our policyholders.

At the heart of the four pillars are our solvency, no conflict of interest, control and risk management, and expertise and assistance.


We continue to research our market place, the legislative framework around us, European and country-specific cover requirements and claims and their causes. We utilise this “live” information to draft training programmes for our policyholders. By sharing this information we all learn lessons from it. We help our policyholders understand risk in their business – it is what causes claims and reputational damage. We help them counter the risks they face in business and in so doing help control costs. This builds a long term relationship with our policyholders and provides them with a reliable long-term insurance partner in CGPA Europe.


We have chosen to work exclusively with Manchester Underwriting Management in the UK. Why? MUM has a team of truly experienced underwriters, who have run both brokers and insurers. They understand the nature of building long term relationships, with all their underwriters having client-facing experience and a depth of knowledge across a range of professions that is hard to beat.

Manchester Underwriting Management’s objective is to be market-leading in every class of business that it writes. That means:

  • Delivering first class products in a first class manner
  • Free thinking underwriters – who are flexible and responsible
  • Solutions not problems – they understand a broker’s job and do not waste time asking pedantic questions that don’t make a difference
  • If you need a special wording they can make it happen fast. Their focus is on writing quality business without any fuss
  • They talk straight, knowledgeably and will deliver what they promise with integrity


Charles Manchester

Charles Manchester

Chief Executive Officer
Manchester Underwriting Management

T: +44 (0)1494 770700

Richard Webb

Richard Webb

Manchester Underwriting Management

T: +44 (0)1494 770700